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Pictures Of Vernon - The Days Are Just Packed Tape

£4.20 / Sold Out

(postage to UK is £1. Postage to USA is $6.60. Just ask me if you live somewhere else)

$1 from each tape sold goes to queerpoccollective.com as chosen by the band.

twinkly punky

they r rly upset and they r playing twinkly punk about being rly upset.

/20 pea green

1. Welp, Fuck It
2. The One Where Chandler Dies
3. Are You With The Radiant Flood Now?

4. Spheric Dialogues
5. Welcome to the Sac
6. Nice Hands, Feet

LISTEN HERE >>>> https://picturesofvernon.bandcamp.com/album/the-days-are-just-packed

Released May 1, 2015
This tape released 20th February 2016

Anderson Ragan - Guitar/Vox
Brody Rogers - Bass/Vox
Daniel Gorham - Drums/Vox

Recorded & Mixed by Pictures of Vernon
Mastered by Ian Farmer