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Molly Drag - Whatever Reason [Flo Green /30]


Molly Drag's 2017 release "Whatever Reason"

written, recorded, and produced by michael charles hansford
mastered by zach weeks
recorded in a basement in london, ontario throughout 2016

this album is dedicated to friend, brother. and teacher Dave Steffler

"cloth" recorded in montreal in september 2016

additional vocals on 'tragic trix' by emily hathaway
cover painting by anastasia cass

released april 21st 2017

thanks to friends and family - aaron powell, liam steffler, kaitlyn dailey, kenney purchase, david aaron mitchell, ainslie watson, brenda toole, mia antoinette , rachel grace almeida, kayne tesolin, emily hathaway. jake jackman, joey danielski, erik, andrew summers, luke lehner, micah brown, nicole, anastasia, and the lot xo